Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, but only if you have booked the entire property

We recommend 1.5 hours for an individual and 2 hours for families and groups.

When scheduling a photo shoot, we are reserving a time for you which prohibits us from re-renting the space and time, therefore, the deposit is non-refundable. Cancelations due to rain or very high winds can be rescheduled at no additional fee.

It is our hope that all photographers will honor their time contracts and be respectful of others. If this should happen please let us know immediately so we can correct the situation.

We are working on packages. Check back or contact us.

Yes! We ask that all props are removed from the area before the next scheduled photographer.

Yes. However, you will be asked to sign a waiver before you use the property that releases Photo Acres from any liability to damaged equipment or injury to individuals.

Yes. We ensure the privacy of our visitors while changing outfits. The area is also equipped with a toilet, sink and mirror so all visitors feel fresh for their shoot.

Yes. There is a toilet and sink in the changing area and we also have porta-potties available.

Yes. We have enough parking for 50 cars.

We are happy to discuss any special request or details for your shoot. Please contact us with questions and scheduling requests. Call Margaret Spencer at (253) 696-8163 or email info@photoacres.com