Property Areas

7.5 Acres of Beauty and Character

Property Map

Photo acres is a very special place with incredible memories just waiting for you. We have taken great care of the natural surroundings and have made enhancements to the property to add to the perfect photo and event settings.

The Woods
This is one of the favorite, most versatile areas of the property. 2.5 acres of old tree growth. It's where "Grandfather Tree" lives. Paths, nooks and alcoves as well as fallen trees and old stumps. You creation is endless here.

Rustic Cabin
A wonderful backdrop for any age. Located in the front of the property by the playground.

Fountain Area
Landscaped flower garden which also has a small cafe table and two chairs nearby. Perfect for a a little girl's tea party or a quaint lunch shoot. Has the feeling of an Italian street cafe. Located at the front of the property in the west corner. You'll see it as you enter Photo Acres.

Rock Wall
This elegantly rugged grey rock wall is 4 feet tall at its highest point and 30 feet long. Above it is a beautifully manicured vegetable garden and brilliant flowers. Sits in the middle of the property with a lush green lawn in front of it.

Graffiti Wall
Created by artist Lisa Jones, this colorful and unique wall is 7 feet tall and 8 feet wide and is the perfect backdrop for more "edgy" shots. Located on the back wall of the Prop Garage.

White Fence
One of the most popular areas at Photo Acres is located out in the pasture where you can also shoot towards the farm behind the property. Top rail is approximately 5 feet in height and please feel free to let the kids climb, lean or sit on the fence. It's very sturdy.

Brown Fence
Approximately 4 feet in height, this fence is the perfect addition for photos with a rustic feel. Just a little corner of the property, but quaint as can be.

metal Wall
The stunning patina finish on this corrugated metal wall speaks for itself. It's unique enough for any color, prop or style to be used in front of it. Located on the backside of the Prop Garage.

Old Barn Door
An original barn door from 1940. Approximately 9 feet tall by 10 feet wide, this knotty, weathered wood and rusted metal backdrop is a real gem that adds character to any person or group.

1969 Ford F-100 Pickup
Have a blast thinking of photo ops to include this old faded white beauty. Whatever colors you pick, will POP! Functional doors, hood and tailgate. Lot's of tall grass surround the area.

Tire Swing
Located in the south east corner of The Woods by a fallen tree. Sturdy enough to hold 3 small children or 1 happy adult!

Doll House
Little girls LOVE this area! Dress-up was never so much fun. Great for additional friends and props.

vegetable Garden
This wonderful space is made with lots of care and is an ideal backdrop for all green thumbs, and littles. Don't forget to bring your bunny!

The Grove
Deciduous trees and open space make this a magnificent backdrop in any season. Fall leaves covering the ground? Oh yes! The Grove is the area with the Cinderella Carriage which makes for gorgeous, unique and playful photos.